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2157 Centre St   Montreal
Saint Gabriel's Parish
Mass schedule
Weekends in the church

    Sunday 10:30 am with the choir

Weekdays in the rectory

     Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1pm

    Tuesday, Thursday 7pm

    Saturday morning   9:45 am

Other churches on weekends:
Saturday 4:30 pm St John Bréboeuf
                5:pm St Willbrord and St Patrick

Sunday 9 am St Thomas More, St John Bréboeuf,
                      St Patrick
             5 pm St Patrick
             8pm Our Lady of Fatima

Children's liturgy and sacramental preparation
Children gather in the church hall each Sunday at 9:30 am. They read and discuss the Sunday Bible readings and learn and sing hymns.
Those preparing for first communion or confirmation are then divided into 2 groups and they learn together the meaning of that sacrament.

At 10:30 the children go up to the church
 for the second part of mass
They leave at 11:30

To register please bring your child to the hall on Sunday morning as soon as possible. 
coordinator: Frank Morse
                                    Betsy Allen
Suzanne Kiede
                                            Michael Meagher
Michelle Walsh