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     Saint Gabriel's
Proclaiming the message of Jesus and serving His cause implies the participation of the community. Many at St Gabriel's have volunteered their time in different ministries. This page will allow you to see the names and photos of many who serve.
Tom Battcock
Rita Maisonneuve
Gabriel Mapp
Michael Meagher
Frank Morse
​Susan McCann
Robin Robert
Eucharistic ministers
Sister Dianna
Jenna Brosseau
Elizabeth Clark
Erin Shannon
Mary Ann Shibani
Sheila Waite

Dorothy Byrnes
        Debra Viskelis
Margaret Dechman
William Doherty
         Ed Larrissey
Altar servers
      Johanne Boucher
Sister Dianna
                                   Sheila Waite

​Kelly-Anne Collette
Katie Deegan
Bill Doherty
Mary Duffy
Adele Labelle
Irene Lafortune Griffin
Beth Laplante
Danny Sloan

Rosadelima Lacsamana
             Larry Heron
Cindy Tibbo
Sadie Sloan
Wimaladevi Suppramanian
Sandra and Donald Coveyduck
Danny Sloan